Discover Melaleuca Products

I have been using Melaleuca products since 2008!

That is how much I love them! I started using Melaleuca because I wanted to “go green” and start using products that were safer for myself, my home, my pets and the environment. Having had some health issues in the past, I am all about doing what I can do to help myself naturally. My mother started using the products soon after and we have each experienced amazing health benefits from Melaleuca.

One of the things I love about Melaleuca is that it replaces many of the other home shopping companies out there (We have over 400 products!). I used to use products from all sorts of companies, including Avon, Scentsy, Young Living, etc. I can get most of the staples I need from one place now, delivered to my home. Vitamins and supplements, my essential oils, cleaning products, makeup and beauty products, and even my home fragrances. Prior to this I had to get everything from multiple sources and it cost more money. Melaleuca products are cost effective, non toxic and actually WORK! There is a reason I have been with them for over 10 years 🙂 .


The Warm, Inviting Scents of Home

One of the things I hear often when people enter my home is that it smells so good in here. That’s because I have this cozy little warmer plugged in my kitchen. The inviting scent wafts through the main level of the house and greets you when you walk in the door. It’s a nice warm feeling to come home to as well.

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In the bathroom (which is right outside the bedroom) I like to use the scented oil plug ins. It’s so nice to walk out of the bedroom in the morning to be greeted by a pleasant smell as I go about my morning routine. Speaking of morning routines, did I mention they have a nice variety of Coffee and tea?

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Part of my Everyday Routine

From doing dishes with the yummy Green apple scented dish soap (my favorite of the scents they carry), to doing the laundry, cleaning the house , putting my makeup on, taking my daily supplements, etc. Melaleuca is always a part of my day.

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Supporting Our Own Economy

The other thing I love about Melaleuca is that it supports our economy. The products are made and distributed in the USA and when I order I am supporting other families and wives who need the income, instead of big corporations. As a nature lover, I am also helping the environment by using products that are super concentrated and packaged in recycled containers. As far as the funky name of the company goes? Melaleuca is the scientific name for tea tree oil, an essential oil with amazing properties that you may be aware of. This oil is used in many of the products, hence the name.


An Extra Income

This was the first real home business I did and I still get a residual income check every month! In fact, I have received a monthly check from Melaleuca, without fail, for over 10 years now. Ever since my very first customer started using Melaleuca in 2008. She is still using the products all these years later! Even when I don’t work my business, I still receive a check each month.

If you are interested in learning more about these products, or are interested in making an extra income from home like I have since 2008, please contact me HERE. I’d be happy to set up a fun phone chat with you or communicate via email.