Ivy Rose Cottage is on ETSY! Welcome to the Ivy Rose Cottage Chic Store! If you click the logo below it will take you directly to our store (p.s. I designed this logo and all aspects of the brand, so if you ever need graphic design for YOUR brand, feel free to contact me HERE ).

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Our Store Mission Statement is “Bringing Beauty to Your Front Door”. You’ll notice fine attention to detail, from the way I create the products themselves to the way they are packaged, with a Free gift enclosed in an elegant wax sealed seed envelope. Any dried floral products (our wreaths and eventually a jewelry line I am working on) come with an elegant print out describing the meaning and energy of the flowers used. These products make great gifts for so many occasions, from weddings to house warming gifts, funerals/memorial gifts, holidays and more!

We have 3 main product lines: Enchanting Home Decor, Women’s Accessories and Weddings (keep scrolling down for our gorgeous gallery. If there is something you want from the gallery that isn’t currently listed in the store, we will do our best to recreate it for you. We also take custom orders!).

Here is an example of the Ivy Rose Cottage Chic Store packaging:


Browse our Gorgeous Gallery:

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A Small Mother Daughter Run Business Inspired by My Wedding in 2015

I completely designed both my wedding and reception events (3 cheers for DIY!). In fact, I created my bridal bouquet below from my favorite fragrant flowers in the garden (lilacs and peonies). Funny story – on my wedding day I forgot to make my bouquet and remembered about 10 minutes before the wedding! Guests were already arriving as well as my photographer and here I was in jeans and a t-shirt (hair and makeup done thank goodness) about to get into my dress when I remembered. I literally ran out to the garden (we got married at our home garden) and frantically picked a bunch of flowers then arranged them in a bouquet in less than 5 minutes. That’s when I realized that I had good instincts for color and design. Thank goodness that turned out alright as you all know how important the bride’s bouquet is!


Rebekah Ann Stephenson Bridal Picture


With my love of party and event planning, creating beauty, gardening and arranging flowers, I was inspired to start putting these passions to use. Mom had just retired from years of working in the medical field and was looking for a new outlet as well. We decided the party didn’t have to end and we could continue to create pretty things via an ETSY store. Here is a photo of Mom and I on my wedding day:


I do the majority of the business management including web design, graphic design, photography, customer service and packaging.
Mom and I both develop the product lines and create these one of a kind works of art for you. The free gift packet that comes with each order is hand stamped (on a wax seal) with the initial of the creator of your product. R = Rebekah and K= Kristine 🙂 . Mom handles the shipping.


Let Us Help You Go Green , Get Healthy (& even Get Paid!) with Melaleuca:

We also have both been in Melaleuca together since 2008.  The products are life changing and neither one of us would be without them. If you are interested in using environmentally friendly, safer healthier products in your home check out the Melaleuca info page HERE.


Don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know how we can help you with either Ivy Rose Cottage Chic Products or Melaleuca. Thank you so much for stopping by to learn more about our store and for supporting small business!  You make such a difference 

With Love,