Creating Inspired Spaces

Let’s Create Inspired Spaces Together!

“Creating Inspired Spaces” is a term I coined to describe a way of life where your surroundings bring you joy and are a delight to your senses. It is about having a home that reflects who you are.  My philosophy is that our homes are our havens, so why would we want to surround ourselves with things that we don’t absolutely love?  I love creating cozy little areas inside and outside of my home that I can enjoy and dream away in (or entertain!).  I’m always hunting for bargains without sacrificing style and elegance.  I like mixing vintage pieces I have inherited with fresh new things I find!  Bit by bit I am working on creating inspired spaces in each room (and garden) of our Mid Century home.  You can read more about my home and style on the “About” page.


Here you can find all projects from the “Creating Inspired Spaces” section of this blog in one place!

This is a new blog, so keep checking back to see new projects added to the page, or better yet-

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